BrandRiders is a crowdsourcing service that connects it's users to big brands looking to understand their market.
We provide the tools for users to work for big brands in their own time.

The BrandRiders application can only be obtained from the Google Play Store for download. The application only caters for users using android devices (Android Version 4.6 and upwards only).

Riders by default have to register the first time to use the BrandRiders application.

In order to register to use the BrandRiders application, the user will be prompted to provide the following data:

BrandRiders will only run on Android devices (No Apple or Blackberry devices) from software version 4.6 and upwards only.

BrandRiders asks for personal information so that we can ensure that each account is validated and secure, the personal information is used to set up the built in wallet and ensure that it is available to legitimate users only.

How many points will I earn for my participation:
  Points vary depending on the type of survey.
How long does it take to complete a survey:
  Between 10 and 15 minutes.
How do I recieve remuneration for a completed survey:

From the rewards screen in the application there will be an option to redeem the earned points, these points will be redeemed via ussd and are redeemable in the form of Shopping vouchers and airtime with cash to follow.

In order to download the BrandRiders application and start earning you need to have a Google play account, follow the link below to the Google Play store and tap download, once the download has completed remeber to tap install in order for the appliation to be loaded and usable on your device.

Go to Download the applcation here

Your answers are collected and sent through to the companies who pay for the surverys to take place, they use this data to make sure that Hops and outlets are offering the best prices for customers and to gain some insight into their market.

In order to verfiy and add you as a BrandRider you need to provide accurate information, an SMS will be sent to the number that you registered with, by replying yes to this SMS you confirm the device and get registered as a BrandRider.

The Profile tab holds all of your personal details which can be edited and will reflect the changes made, on your profile you can see you Ranking which reflects how you are doing as a BrandRider.

You can edit your personal information by going into your profile and tapping on the field that you would like to change, entering the new desired values and then selecting 'Update details' at the bottom of the page.

In order to change your login credentials you need to go onto your profile and use either the Cellphone number or Password field depending on what you would like to change, you will have to verify your cell phone number by replying yes to the SMS sent to the new number you entered.

You can cancel your account by calling the call center (Number is in the help section in the application) and requesting to cancel your account.

Plan my route is the first tile hat you will use when you become a BrandRider, it allows you t select the outlets that you would like to complete the following day, the amount of outlets that you will be able to select will increase as you better your status as a BrandRider.

In order to plan your route select the outlets that you would like to visit, be sparing o onto the Plan my route tab and select outlets that suit you based on their location, you cn either choose from the list view or from a map view by tapping the map icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, tap on the outlet and a tick will appear in the checkbox, once you have finished selecting, tap on reserve my outlets and your outlets will be reserved for the following day.

In order to navigate to an outlet go onto your route for the day and select navigate on the outlet that you would like to go to first, this will open Maps which will direct you to the outlets location.

Your home location is the location that outlets will be suggested for, to make sure that we dont give you outlets that are too far away we use your home location as a starting point and give yoou outlets that fall within a certain radius.

In your profile you can select the camera icon, it will then promt you whether you would like to choose a picture from your gallery or take a new picture, select the ooption that best suits you and set your profile picture acordingly

In order to gain more point you need to improve your rider rating so that you can do more surveys, avoid non-completions of outlets at all costs and try to be as accurate as possible when completing survey forms.

It is possible to work as a BrandRider outside of your home location, however it requires resetting your home location to the place where you would like to work, you are limited when changing home location to once every two months, so you may not be able to change it back for a while.

BrandRiders aims to soon provide a course to improve your English literacy, for the time being go to your local public library and request a learning book that suits your skill level.